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Cub Scout Pack 510
(CLARKSVILLE, Tennessee)
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Pack meeting location

Here are some general Pack 510 rules about our use of Barkers Mill.  
Pack 510 will be allowed to meet in the school cafatera. The scout must remain in this room and if they need to go to a restroom they must be accumpted by a leader or Parent. The scouts are not allowed to run up and down the hallways. All the other areas are off limits. any mess made by our scouts must be cleaned up and reported to the on duty custodian. There will be no smoking allowed for adults. Scout must stay off of the countertops and leave all autovisal equipment alone. After the meeting begins the front door are secured so we need one adult to monitor the front door if someone is late.

Welcome to Barkers Mill Elementary, home of the Bobcats. We are located in northern Clarksville with a staff and faculty that work together to promote a caring learning environment for all students.

Educational Philosophy
Barkers Mill Elementary School provides opportunities for all students to make responsible choices for becoming successful citizens. School personnel and parents as partners will meet individual student needs by fostering positive self-concepts, appropriate social skills, and academic knowledge. We believe that literacy is the key that begins a pattern of lifelong learning by building minds one book at a time. We strive to offer an educational program that will support, encourage, and challenge all students.

Barkers Mill Elementary opened in Fall 2006 with Mrs. Rhonda Kennedy as principal and Mrs. Frances Ann Camp as assistant principal. In the 2008-09 school year, Mr. Andy Lyons joined the administrative team as assistant principal after the departure of Mrs. Camp. Because of the growth of north Clarksville, five additional instructional positions were added during the 2010-11 school year along with an additional half-time assistant principal. Continued growth led to two additional teachers being added mid-year, and the second assistant principal position was made full-time in January 2011.

Following the appointment of Mr. Lyons as principal of another school, Mrs. Melody Nix joined the Barkers Mill administrative team for the 2011-12 school year.

Barkers Mill Elementary: Believing in Outstanding Bobcats who Care, Achieve, and Triumph as Students!